What We Offer Our Services

Our services include evidence-based assessment and intervention for parents (including foster and adoptive parents and those who are co-parenting following separation and divorce) whose infants/children have challenges with sleeping, feeding, self-regulation, behavior, development, and attachment. 


Vellet and Associates provides consultation to caregivers and professionals (including Consultation to the Courts) around a range of issues pertaining to infant and childhood mental health (including challenges with sleeping, feeding, and self-regulation), caregiver-child attachment and disrupted attachment, and parenting.


I'm trained in and provide a range of evidence-based, attachment interventions (both individually and in a group format) for caregivers of infants and children (e.g, biological, foster, and adoptive parents and parents who are co-parenting following separation and divorce), including Modified Interaction Guidance.  I am also a Registered Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P) Facilitator.  

I also provide the services of a Child Specialist on Collaborative Divorce teams to assist parents in developing a co-parenting plan and parenting time schedule that address the developmental needs of their children.


I carry out assessments of infant and early childhood development and mental health (including the child's development, social and emotional functioning, self-regulation, and attachment to key caregivers).  I also conduct Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessments, particularly of children under six years of age.


I offer workshops on a range of topics pertaining to infant and childhood mental health and caregiver-child attachment relationships.

I also provide training and supervision in Modified Interaction Guidance to become certified as an MIG therapist and trainer.

I am also a trainer in the Adult Attachment Interview (using the Main, Goldwyn, and Hesse AAI scoring and coding system), the most widely used and well-validated assessment in developmental research for studying attachment in adults and is also used in clinical practice.   More details about the training can be found at the following site (http://attachment-training.com/at/home/training/).