What We Offer Our Services


Vellet and Associates provides consultation to caregivers and professionals (including Consultation to the Courts) around a range of issues pertaining to infant and childhood mental health (including challenges with sleeping, feeding, and self-regulation), caregiver-child attachment and disrupted attachment, and parenting.


I carry out assessments of infant and early childhood mental health (including assessment of the infant or young child's functioning in many areas, including social, emotional, learning, self-regulation, and attachment to key caregivers).

I also carry out assessments of the caregiver-child attachment relationship (including biological, foster, and adoptive parents), adult attachment assessments (using the Adult Attachment Interview), and Parenting Capacity Assessments for the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD).


I'm trained in and provide a range of evidence-based, attachment interventions (both individually and in a group format) for caregivers of infants and children (e.g, biological, foster, and adoptive parents), including Modified Interaction Guidance.  I am also a Registered Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P) Facilitator.


I offer workshops on a range of topics pertaining to infant and childhood mental health and caregiver-child attachment relationships.

I also provide training and supervision in Modified Interaction Guidance to become certified as an MIG therapist and trainer.

I am also a trainer in Circle of Security® Parenting, a manualized parent education program (including a DVD) offering the core components of the evidence-based Circle of Security protocol. More details on this training can be found at the following (http://circleofsecurity.net/seminars/parenting-training/).

I am also a trainer in the Adult Attachment Interview (using the Main, Goldwyn, and Hesse AAI scoring and coding system), the most widely used and well-validated assessment in developmental research for studying attachment in adults and is also used in clinical practice.   More details about the training can be found at the following site (http://attachment-training.com/at/home/training/).